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26 December 2014
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What are the indications of milk allergy among toddlers?

26 December 2014, Comments: 0

Many toddlers can drink cow’s milk without any problem. Nevertheless, milk is one of the usual allergens for young children. Some children who are […]

12 December 2014
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What are the contraindications for hepatitis B vaccine?

12 December 2014, Comments: 0

The hepatitis B virus is likely to affect millions of individuals in different parts of the world. Those who are infected with the virus […]

11 December 2014
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What are the remedies for chickenpox itch?

11 December 2014, Comments: 0

Chickenpox is considered as a highly communicable disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The symptoms of chicken pox include fever, mouth sores, headache and […]

5 December 2014
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What are the skin symptoms caused by mites?

5 December 2014, Comments: 0

It is important to note that the human itch mite can infect individuals of all ages, races, and social classes all over the globe. […]

21 November 2014
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Why do I have stomach pain after eating eggs?

21 November 2014, Comments: 0

The stomach pain that occurs after consuming eggs might be caused by an egg allergy. In case the stomach pain is caused by an […]