Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Perfoming CPR in the Hospital

Advanced CPR is an important skill for health care professionals. When you work in a hospital or similar medical facility and handle patient care, you will most likely encounter emergencies that will require cardiorespiratory emergencies. When patients get heart attacks – the medical term for which is cardiac arrest – their heart will either stop beating completely or very inadequately.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a medical skill that uses manual compressions and ventilation to try and get the heart beating again. Compressions for adults are performed with two hands, with fingers interlaced. The heel of one hand is positioned on the sternum and pressed down 2 inches 30 times.

After 30 compressions, two ventilations are given. Tilt the head back, pinch the nose, and blow twice into the patient’s mouth. Otherwise, seal a bag valve mask tightly over the patient’s mouth and squeeze the bag fully twice.

Advanced CPR: ACLS

Advanced Cardiac Life Support is the next step in CPR performed in the hospital. Defibrillation is performed with either manual or automated defibrillators. Defibrillators are attached to the chest with two pads, positioned around the precordium. It sends electric signals to the heart in order to correct the heart’s rhythm. Therefore, defibrillation can only be used when the patient is experiencing arrhythmia, NOT a flatline (called asystole).

Advanced management also includes the use of medication and supporting equipment such as diagnostic tools and ventilators. In ACLS training, students are taught about medications that are used during cardiorespiratory emergencies, usually found in a movable set of drawers called a crash cart. For example, during a “code” when a patient goes into cardiac arrest, epinephrine is injected every three minutes as compressions and ventilations are given.

ACLS Program Details

An ACLS program at Mississauga First Aid lasts 12 hours. It is usually completed over two days, with a separate day for the certification exams (a written and a practical test). Students need to pass both tests to receive an ACLS training credential.

Since credentials are only valid for three years, students can receive new certificates by taking a refresher or re-certification course, which is only 5 to 6 hours long. That means if you’ve taking ACLS training with us previously, you don’t have to take another 12-hour program after your certificate expires. Just sign up for a refresher course and take another certification exam and you will be granted a new ACLS certificate.

Enrollment at Mississauga First Aid

If you have chosen to enroll in our ACLS program at Mississauga First Aid, you can start your application by filling out the form below. Just enter your details below and click submit and we will immediately receive your request. Contacting us is similarly as easy; just give us a call or send us an e-mail. You can even visit us during our open hours – from 8 AM to 5 PM – and get a tour of Mississauga First Aid. You may even get to sit in at an ACLS lecture if one is going on.

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