First Aid Training

With a strong focus on low prices, quality instructors and well-maintained and comfortable training centres we have quickly grown into being a premier provider of workplace approved first aid and CPR courses. All of these programs provide automated external defibrillator (AED) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. We offer all of the major first aid programs made available through St Mark James. These courses include standard, emergency and childcare first aid. This page will outline the first aid and CPR courses we provide in Mississauga.

Workplace Approved Standard First Aid

St Mark James First Aid and CPR Training in Mississauga, Ontario

Workplace approved standard first aid is the most popular course we offer in Mississauga. This is a 18 to 20 hour course that includes CPR and AED training. Customers have the option of selecting the level of CPR training that comes with the course. CPR level “C” comes standard with this program. Participants can opt for CPR level “HCP” for a small additional cost. Participants will cover a variety of first aid topics including environmental, sudden, cardiovascular and respiratory emergencies. For more information about our standard first aid and CPR programs visit our standard first aid course page.

Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid and CPR courses are available on weekdays and weekends. This 8 hour course is one of the most popular workplace approved first aid courses. This class includes CPR level “A” but participants can take this course with CPR level “C” for a small additional cost. Candidates will cover basic first aid topics and will receive a St Mark James emergency first aid, CPR and AED certificate upon completion. This award meets a number of standards and is valid for 36 months. For more information about emergency first aid programs offered in Mississauga visit our emergency first aid course page.

Childcare First Aid

Childcare first aid is a popular first aid and CPR program designed for individuals in the childcare or day care industry. CPR level “B” must be partnered with this course. AED training is also included. This course takes approximately 18 hours to complete and teaches candidates a large volume of first aid topics. For more information about our workplace approved childcare first aid programs visit our childcare first aid page.