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Nitric acid: Can it cause poisoning?

Nitric acid is a potent acid that can cause significant burns due to its highly corrosive nature. The acid is utilized in the manufacturing process of fertilizers, rocket propellants, textiles, plastics, laboratory reagents, industrial catalysts, etching and cleaning agents. Ingestion or direct exposure to nitric acid can result to poisoning. Exposure might be accidental or

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Hyperventilation is characterized by breathing too rapidly or deeply. In most cases, hyperventilation is accompanied by anxiety. Breathing excessively can lead to imbalances in the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. The resulting imbalances can cause dizziness, breathlessness, confusion, lightheadedness or weakness. This condition can occur to anyone. Generally, adults breathe at

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Dry nose

A dry nose is a usual indication of adverse environmental conditions and a side effect of certain medications. The nose requires a certain humidity level to function properly and extremely dry or warm conditions can cause a dry nose. Low humidity, hot and dry climates and even air conditioning can result to dryness within the

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