Bone Injuries

Broken leg

A broken leg can affect any of the 4 bones in the leg. The bones might fracture into 2 or several pieces. The injury typically requires a bit of force to damage the leg bones. Weakened bones are susceptible to damage though. In case the degree of force on the bone is higher than the …

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Fractured ankle

A fractured ankle requires immediate treatment. The injury usually takes between 6-12 weeks to fully heal. What are the indications? The indications of a fractured ankle include the following: Intense ankle pain and swelling Difficulty moving the foot or placing any weight on it Swelling and bruising Affected ankle appears deformed Grinding or snapping noise …

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Fractured fibula: Commonly used treatment options

A fractured fibula might be a trivial hairline crack or serious enough to disrupt with ability to walk and bear weight. The management for this type of fracture is based on its seriousness. Treatment options for a fractured fibula Adequate rest and immobilization If an individual has a stress fracture of the fibula, it …

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