C. Young

As a medical-surgical nurse in her hometown, Carla Young boasts years of experience in the field handling a variety of health issues among adults. With her passion to help others, Carla Young dedicates most of her time in helping others in medical missions to far flung towns. This is the reason why she took up nursing in the first place. Another way in which she helps others is sharing her knowledge on health-related topics to others. With the aim of empowering others with knowledge of basic first aid care, Carla Young eagerly contributes first aid and other related articles to various online sources for everybody to read.

Toe arthritis

Toe arthritis is brought about by inflammation in the toe joint. The condition typically affects the big toe but can affect other toes as well. Previous trauma such as a sprained or fractured toe can result to arthritis in the long run. Other responsible conditions include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout. Some of the potential

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Thick saliva

Thick saliva might be a sign of various medical conditions. It is important to note that saliva has a vital role in aiding with digestion by breaking down and softening food. Oftentimes, certain health conditions, medications and environmental factors can affect the consistency and production of saliva, making it thick or resulting to postnasal drip.

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