Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

We proudly offer workplace approved Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) training as an on-line course. Learn the requirements and how to properly transport dangerous materials throughout Canada. This course is provided through St, Mark James Training and is one of the most popular TDG programs available in Canada. Certification is provided immediately upon successful completion of the program and does not expire. This course is self paced and you will receive login and password information immediately upon purchase of the course. This course requires approximately 3 hours to complete. Participants can start, stop and continue the course whenever they wish. This course has 9 lectures / modules that require approximately 25 minutes to complete. Prior to moving to the next lecture participants will have to successfully complete a quiz with a minimum score of 75%. This course costs 29.99 for single purchases. Group and large purchase prices are available at competitive rates. Please contact 1-888-870-7002 for group purchases or registration inquiries.


Unit 1 - Introduction to TDG

Length: 15 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Standard

This unit teaches participants a brief introduction to transportation of dangerous goods (TDG). Topics include who it applies to, definitions & regulations

Unit 3 - Classification of Dangerous Goods

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Standard

In this unit participants will learn to recognize that classification matters for dangerous goods are dealt with in Part 2 of the TDG regulations,

Unit 4 - Safety Marks

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Standard

This unit examines the safety marks used with dangerous goods.

Unit 5 - Means of Containment

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Standard

Unit 5 identifies the possible “means of containment” for transporting dangerous goods, and describes the procedure used in the selection and safety marking

Unit 6 - Documentation

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Standard

This unit is focused on identifying, knowing and explaining shipping documentation in relation to TDG

Unit 8 - Exemptions and Exceptions

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Standard

Unit 8 focuses on further exemptions, and highlights the transportation within a facility exemption and the transportation between two properties exemption in particular