Foot Pain

Foot pain is not an uncommon complaint. As the foot carries the weight of the body, it becomes prone to pain and other injuries. The foot is a complicated network of 24 bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles that form two crossing arches of the foot. The pain can be felt anywhere in the foot from […]

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Confusion is a change in mental status wherein a person is incapable of thinking clearly or quickly as one normally. In most cases, it is temporary, but it can also seldom denote a sign of an incurable illness or injury.Although confusion may occur to anyone, it is most common with elder individuals. Usually, confusion leads

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How to Manage Seaweed Irritation

Seaweed irritations usually occur after having direct contact with the poisonousLyngbyamajusculaspecie, which produces two toxins, lyngbyatoxin A and debromoaplysiatoxin. This specie gets under the bathing suit causing the irritation. It appears similar to dark mutted clumps of hair. But seaweed such as algae and coelenterates, which cannot be seen by the naked eye,may also result

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