Know the First Aid For Dog Bites

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You are walking in the neighborhood when suddenly a dog rushes to you and bites your limb. Do you know how to provide first aid for dog bites?

Accidents happen at the most unexpected time. They can range from simple injuries to serious ones. There are times when they can be life-threatening. But in most emergencies, you can do something to prevent it from becoming very serious. Knowledge of first aid is crucial in these situations.

Dog bites are among the scariest injuries as dogs are known to have rabies. Rabies is a serious infection that commonly affects the person’s nervous system. If not treated immediately, rabies infection can affect the overall health of the victim and can even lead to death in hours. Immediate and proper first aid for dog bites can prevent this life-threatening infection.

Why dogs bite?

Dogs can be man’s four-legged best friend but they can also cause serious injuries. Dogs are naturally friendly but some can be triggered and become aggressive. The slightest provocations can cause them to attack and bite. There is no guarantee that the dog owner can stop the dog from biting. In fact, the dog can even be aggressive towards its owner.

Why dog bites are dangerous?

The bite that is inflicted by the dog can be a potential source of rabies infection. Once rabies virus has entered into the bloodstream, it can quickly infect the blood and the system. Moreover, tetanus infection can also result due to the dog bite. First aid for dog bites and medical care can help reduce the risk of these infections.

What to do if someone has been bitten by a dog?

The wound should be cleared of the dog’s saliva, especially if the dog is suspected to be infected with rabies. Avoid contact with the used cloth. Cleanse the wound under running water with soap.

Know the First Aid For Dog Bites
Know the First Aid For Dog Bites

Dry up the wound but do not close it if it is a punctured wound. If there is some cut or laceration, you can use dry dressing to cover it. Get to the nearest medical facility for advanced medical care. Victims of dog bite require tetanus vaccine injection. First aid for dog bites is crucial in the first few minutes after the injury.

The dog will also need to be checked by a vet or your local authority to see if it is infected with rabies. The observation usually takes up to two weeks. Normally, an infected dog will develop symptoms in ten days.

Man always has soft spot for dogs. It is impossible to do away with these loyal and adorable canines as pets. But since our canine pets can become aggressive at times, it is best to learn first aid for dog bites. It is quite difficult to know when a dog bite injury will occur so make sure you know how to manage such injuries.

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