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The workplace approved Programs on Emergency Asthma Management provide details upon every aspect of Asthma and how to manage asthma attack during emergency. The Program gives detail about the underlying cause of asthma, the identification and treatment of an asthma attack and immediate action in an asthma attack. Asthma is a respiratory disorder which is caused by inflammation of the air tract which is a reversible airflow blockage.Asthma may be caused due to infections in the respiratory tract, doing exercises, and due to allergens like pollen present in the environment. The signs of Asthma attack are coughing, low pulse rate, heart palpitations, coughing, chest tightness and wheezing. This article focuses on the structure of course provided by workplace approved Organization on Emergency Asthma Management and how is it beneficial.

Using a asthma inhaler
Using a asthma inhaler

1. Five Modules for training of workplace approved Program

The structure of the program is such that, it is divided into four modules.

  • The first module is about Managing Emergency Asthma in Children. This module trains the Child Care Workers so that these workers are able to recognize and hence manage the child having asthma
  • The second module includes managing asthma in different schools. This module trains the teacher how to tackle and manage asthma attack on school children
  • The third module is aimed at managing Asthma attack during sports. The sports person may get an asthma attack during the sport session. This module educates people involved with sports and recreation.
  • The fourth and the last module educate and create awareness in a workplace that what should be done during an emergency asthma attack of a colleague or self.
  • The fifth, also called as a special module, consists of training for the persons with disability at home as well as in special care centers.

2. Structure of workplace approved Programs on Emergency Asthma Management

The program doesn’t have any special eligibility criteria but it is advisable that the person has basic literacy. The training resource like spacers, face masks, asthma emergency kits are provided to the participants during the training period. This duration of the course is only 3 hours and the course is valid for 3 years.

3. Why workplace approved Programs in Asthma Management are in demand?

The present lifestyle of children and adults keeps them occupied mostly indoors. The indoor allergens are responsible for triggering the asthma attack. Hence immediate first aid is required to save the life of patients getting involuntary asthma attacks. The major asthma attacks are caused due to exposure to air pollutants. These pollutants mainly come from different vehicles.                                                                            

Asthma disorders and attacks can be decreased by reducing the time spent outside when pollution levels are high, or by doing light exercises in a healthy atmosphere that is environment friendly.

With the rise in the number of people with asthma disorders there is an increasing demand for Emergency Asthma Management courses which can give necessary first aid to the person attacked with asthma and save their life.

You can visit the workplace approved Program site and enroll yourself in Emergency Asthma Management Course and acquire the skills of saving life of a person attacked with asthma.

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