Scabies is a skin condition defined by small-sized, reddened bumps with significant itchiness. The condition is brought about by mites that burrow beneath the skin. Generally, scabies easily spreads from one individual to another, especially those who share close living areas. In most cases, the mites responsible for scabies live in the narrow cracks and

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Chest congestion: What are the indications among infants?

Chest congestion among infants is not an ailment unless it is an indication of an underlying disease. Generally, congestion and runny nose is prevalent among young children due to the immature immune system and exposure to other children with respiratory ailments. A doctor must be consulted right away if an infant less than 3

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Scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is basically strep throat accompanied by rashes. This condition is quite common among children ages 2-10 but can develop at any age. It is caused by the streptococcal bacteria which is the same bacteria responsible for strep throat. There are various strains where some can trigger a more serious ailment than others. The

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