Why Teachers Need to Learn First Aid?

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First Aid Class
First Aid Class

Teachers are our kids’ “second parents.” When parents bring their children to school, they totally entrust these children to teachers. It goes without saying that teachers will not want to harm their learners. Parents believe that once their kids are at school, they are well cared for and their safety looked after. It puts great responsibility on teachers. They should make sure that every child put under their care are safe and secured throughout their stay in the school. This requires every member of the school staff to be able to handle stressful situations. So much more, teachers should learn first aid and be able to manage emergencies occurring at school.

Why learning first aid is a must?

Kids are naturally difficult to contain in one place. They can get very explorative and messy. Their exuberance and lack of attention to safety can put them in danger, letting them end up getting injured or wounded. Some children may even have medical related illness that can cause them to suffer major symptoms such as difficulty of breathing. This makes it very important for the school staff to have background in first aid.

Many childhood emergencies require immediate treatment. Instances such as choking, diabetes emergencies, asthma attacks, seizures, and difficulty of breathing are handled effectively when there is someone who knows the proper first aid techniques. The proper use of basic life support techniques such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and rescue breathing can help revive the victim while waiting for the emergency medical service. Thus, it is recommended that the school staff learn first aid.

What you learn in first aid training courses?

Besides teaching the necessary skills in saving children’s lives, first aid training courses focus on preventing possible injuries and accidents. In fact, it is not only teachers and school staff who are encouraged to take up first aid training courses; parents, babysitters, child-care workers, and all other individuals whose work involve contact with children are advised to learn first aid. They should know how to properly handle common emergencies in children.

Pediatric first aid includes an overview of the basic anatomy and physiology in children, common childhood emergencies and how to manage each, and hands-on training on different first aid skills. It is usually taken from the workplace approved or its accredited training partners. These training courses are taught by trained and certified instructors. They conduct trainings throughout the year and offers flexible schedule.

Why should you consider taking up this course?

As a childcare provider, teachers and school staff are expected to keep children safe
while under their watch. And this would not be guaranteed if you do not learn first aid. Having an updated training in first aid equips you with skills and confidence to safely manage emergency situations in children

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