Bone Injuries

Broken toe

A broken toe can occur if one of the toes has been stubbed on hard surfaces, dropped something heavy on it or bending it excessively. A stress fracture can occur after an abrupt increase in activity such as walking or running. What are the indications? A pop or snap at the time of the injury …

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Hamstring tendonitis

Metatarsal stress fractures

Metatarsal stress fractures involve a hairline break in the bone due to repetitive stress. It is important to note that stress fractures develop due to overuse. What are the possible causes? Metatarsal stress fractures essentially occur due to continuous stress to the bone. The 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones are usually affected since these …

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Hamstring tendonitis

Foot stress fracture: What are the common treatment options?

A foot stress fracture can put a stop to athletic endeavors among athletes. The vital point in managing this injury is allowing the affected bone to rest and heal. The treatments might be non-surgical or surgical. Determining the factors that contributed to the development of the foot stress fracture are essential for a successful treatment. …

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How to manage elbow bone spurs?

Elbow bone spurs are described as unusual bony growths that can disrupt with optimum joint functionality. Lingering inflammation that is association with certain conditions such as bursitis, arthritis or tendinitis typically leads to the growth of bone spurs within the elbow. The potential symptoms of bone spurs include the following: Stiffness Joint pain Hardened …

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