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23 September 2016
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Child care: Dealing with food allergies

23 September 2016, Comments: 0

Children who have been diagnosed with food allergies usually have a number of varying symptoms. It is simply an immune system reaction upon ingestion […]

26 August 2016
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What is croup?

26 August 2016, Comments: 0

Croup involves inflammation of the windpipe and voice box. This condition is usually triggered by a communicable viral infection that results to cough, loud […]

29 July 2016
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Ear discharge: What are the causes?

29 July 2016, Comments: 0

Ear discharge is any type of fluid that drains from the ear. Generally, the earwax is an oil that is naturally produced by the […]

15 July 2016
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Why itchiness occurs after a shower?

15 July 2016, Comments: 0

Some individuals develop itchiness after taking a shower. It usually occurs after taking a long, warm shower during the winter season where the skin […]

1 July 2016
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Child care: Ringworm in children

1 July 2016, Comments: 0

Ringworm is a mild fungal infection affecting the skin. Children can acquire ringworm on different parts of the body including: Feet (athlete’s foot or […]