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Because of the fact that the city is well-known for having lower disease prevalence rates than that of Ontario, many people think that taking first aid CPR Mississauga classes is not necessary. However, what they fail to realize is that even though the prevalence rates of even the most common diseases in the country such as diabetes and angina are lower in the area, they are not completely safe. They are still at risk for a certain type of disease which is none other than influenza. Here are some of the reasons residents are at greater risk for this disease and why taking first and CPR Mississauga classes is a must.

The Accessibility of Influenza Immunization

Immunization through intramusuclar injection
Immunization through intramusuclar injection

According to the study that was released by Statistics Canada for 2013, only 27.2% of Mississauga’s residents have access to an influenza immunization. This is much lower than the average number of residents in the entire Ontario province who have access to this type of immunization which is equivalent to 32%. This means that more than half of the city’s residents do not receive vaccination for this type of disease. This problem has many causes such as the price of each vaccination and the accessibility of the facilities that are allowed to give the shots.

The Frequency of the Influenza Immunization

Another possible reason why the accessibility of influenza immunization is so low is the fact that it is necessary for everyone to receive flu shots every year because of the changes in the body’s immune system and the dynamic genetic makeup of the virus. This means that some people who were able to avail the shots in the previous years might not have been able to pay for or avail one this year or in the coming years. This also means that patients who have already been vaccinated in the pervious year are still at risk for acquiring the flu if they fail to get their vaccination for the current year.

The First Aid CPR Mississauga Classes

These facts just goes to show that the majority of Mississauga residents are at risk for acquiring the flu and suffering from its lethal complications. This is why they should be prepared to manage these complications at any given time by having first aid and CPR skills. These are the types of skills that are taught in first aid CPR Mississauga classes which is why these classes should be highly considered by residents and non-residents in the city.

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