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Appendicitis is a usual cause of significant abdominal pain. This develops if the appendix which is a segment of the large intestine infected and swollen. Even experts do not precisely know the role of the appendix in the body, but it does not result to issues most of the time.

The condition is prevalent among individuals ages 10-30 years old but can occur at any age. With proper care, most can recover quickly and do not develop any issues. If not treated, the appendix can rupture and result to an infection in the abdominal area which can be serious.

What are the possible causes?

It is not often clear why an individual develops appendicitis. In some instances, a small object such as a hardened piece of stool obstructs the opening to the appendix. Bacteria starts to multiply in the appendix and result to an infection.

The chief symptom of appendicitis includes abdominal pain. This pain is usually felt close to the belly button.

What are the indications?

The chief symptom of appendicitis includes abdominal pain. This pain is usually felt close to the belly button. It later moves to the lower right side of the belly. On the other hand, the pain can occur in different parts of the abdomen or even at the side or back. The pain worsens while walking, moving or coughing. In addition, there is also fever or feeling sick in the stomach.

In some instances, appendicitis will not result to any symptoms except for abdominal pain. The discomfort might be different than any pain in the past that can be severe or seem minor but there is a feeling that something is wrong. If the individual has moderate abdominal pain that does not settle after 4 hours, consult a doctor. In case there is significant pain, call a doctor right away.

Oftentimes, the only indication is a generalized feeling of being sick and pain that is difficult to describe.


The main treatment approach for appendicitis is surgery to get rid of the appendix. There are various types of surgery for the condition. The surgeon might operate via an incision in the abdomen or utilize a tool called a laparoscope to remove the appendix via a few small incisions.

If an individual has appendicitis and not promptly treated, the appendix might rupture and cause serious issues. It is vital to remove the appendix before it ruptures.

In case it bursts, surgery might be complicated and antibiotics are required along with other forms of treatment.

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