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In case you encounter an individual who is unresponsive due to excessive consumption of alcohol, the individual would require immediate emergency care. It is important to note that caffeinated beverages, coffee and cold showers will not sober up an individual who has consumed large amounts of alcohol. Once the blood alcohol content of the individual rises up between 0.25 percent and 0.40 percent, he/she will lapse in and out of consciousness. At this stage, many can choke on their own vomit. Once the blood alcohol is between 0.35-0.50 percent, the individual will often lapse into the state of the coma. In most cases, those who are within this range can die from respiratory depression.

Steps on how to sober up an unresponsive individual

Wake the individual

Try to wake the individual. Assess if the individual is out cold or just asleep. It is important to note that as a depressant, any alcoholic beverage has the capability to encourage sleep but do not assume that the individual is sleeping. It is vital to check if he/she can respond. You have to physically stir the individual and ask him/her questions and how he/she feels.

Try to wake the individual. Assess if the individual is out cold or just asleep.

Check for indications of severe alcohol poisoning

In case the individual is unresponsive, immediately try to determine the severity of the problem. You have to check the pulse rate of the individual since a severe case of alcohol poisoning can drastically lower the heart rate. The pulse must not be less than 60 beats per minute.

Assess the breathing rate

You should also check the breathing of the individual. He/she must have a minimum of eight breaths in a minute. It is also important to observe for any pauses of more than 10 seconds between the breaths. This usually indicates that the respiratory system is on the verge of failing.

Check the pupils

Using a flashlight, shine it over the eyes of the individual. If the pupils do not respond appropriately to the light by shrinking in size, the individual requires immediate medical care. This is an indication of a dangerous blood alcohol level in the body.

When to seek medical care

If the heart rate of the individual is lower than 60 beats per minute or if the pupils do not properly dilate, seek immediate medical care. In case you are unsure if the individual is okay, also seek medical care. Take note that many die of alcohol poisoning but it can be easily prevented. In case the individual is completely unresponsive, he/she requires emergency assistance. Alcohol poisoning can lead to severe depression of the respiratory system and medical care would involve keeping the airways unobstructed until the body completely metabolizes the alcohol.

Always drink in moderation since excessive intake of alcoholic beverages is detrimental to the health. The blood alcohol level in the body can rise and can eventually lead to alcohol poisoning. With this in mind, it is important to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed to the recommended limit to prevent an increase on the blood alcohol level in the body.

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