Babysitting Course Teaches Import Life Lessons

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If you have a teenage child who is interested in babysitting, you can enrol him or her in a babysitting course offered by the workplace approved. There are different ways to prepare young people for the huge responsibility of caring for young children.St Mark James Training offers a babysitting course that is designed to prepare teenagers for this major role. These training courses teach teenagers with several valuable life skills that they can use to earn their first pay. Many who have completed babysitting courses have babysitting as their first real job.

St Mark James Babysitting Course is a one-day first aid and CPR class that is intended for teenagers (11 to 15 years old). It aims to prepare adolescents for various situations that they could encounter when caring for small children. The training course provides valuable inputs on how to manage common childhood injuries and household accidents. It also equips young people with general infant care, problem-solving skills, and even how to start with their babysitting jobs.Babysitting Course Teaches Import Life Lessons

Start your babysitting job

There are many teenagers who are interested at trying babysitting but are unable because they do not know how and where to start. By attending babysitting course, teenagers learn how to go about writing their resumes, how to go through the interview process and communicate with potential clients. This training course also equips them with essential skills on how to ensure their personal safety and protect their rights while babysitting.

Although the course may seem short and limited, participants actually go through a comprehensive instruction so that after the training they are equipped with necessary skills to safely and effectively care for very young children. Participants are also provided with helpful resources that they can refer to while babysitting. Aside from these handouts, there are also printable templates available from the workplace approved website. These templates are very helpful for starters.

Life-Saving Skills

During the one-day training course, participants are taught essential skills that may be used in case of a potentially life-threatening situation. Aside from general babysitting skills such as feeding and diaper-changing, teenagers are also trained on how to provide CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. These two life-saving skills can be used not just for babysitting but also in emergency situations at home or while in public. CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a very important skill that can help save lives of people. Having someone in the family who is trained at providing this emergency procedure gives a sense of security.

It is important that babysitters know these skills before they are allowed to babysit. Studies show that many fatal emergencies involving young children could have been prevented if appropriate first aid had been provided immediately.

Most important life lessons

Perhaps, the most important lessons teenagers can learn from babysitting course are the leadership skills, confidence and self-esteem. These lessons in life are an important asset that teenagers can use for the rest of their lives.

Find a babysitting course in your area by contacting your local St Mark James chapter.

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