Brown rice allergy

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Once an individual ingests brown rice or products that contain this variety of rice, it can cause an allergic reaction. This can lead to the contamination or the inclusion of food additives that were derived from sources other than rice. It is important to note that babies can also suffer from allergic reactions when wheat or gluten was included in baby food made out of brown rice. Nevertheless, even pure brown rice can oftentimes trigger an allergic reaction among individuals who are highly sensitive to the substance.

What is brown rice?

Take note that both white and brown rice are the seeds of the rice plant. White rice only contains the endosperm or starchy part of the rice seed while brown rice is comprised of the entire rice seed except the hull. This is why brown rice has a higher nutritional content favored by many health enthusiasts all over the world but has more components that can have allergenic properties that will surely trigger an allergic response.

Cases of brown rice allergy

Brown rice allergy is more common among individuals in Asia or in areas where rice is the staple food. Since various countries in Asia cultivate rice, a high number of rice-related allergies can occur due to contact with the airborne pollen rather than ingestion since the rice pollen contains an allergen.

Individuals who are sensitive to brown rice can suffer from an allergic reaction once eaten. Nevertheless, an allergic reaction can occur even if brown rice is not ingested. Those who are sensitive can occasionally suffer from allergic reactions when handling the rice seeds while preparing meals.

What are the symptoms of brown rice allergy?

Brown rice allergy
Other symptoms that can occur include inflammation of the eyes or nose as well as asthma.

Brown rice allergy can affect the digestive system with symptoms such as diarrhea, flatulence or a bloated feeling. The skin reactions include the development of hives or rash. Other symptoms that can occur include inflammation of the eyes or nose as well as asthma. In severe cases, a reaction can progress into anaphylactic shock with symptoms such as low blood pressure, breathing difficulty and fainting. If this reaction is not treated, it can lead to coma and even death.

What are the potential allergens?

There are various proteins that are responsible for the symptoms of brown rice allergy. It is important to note that these proteins are categorized based on their molecular weight in kilodaltons. Additionally, brown rice also contains lectins which are a type of protein that is present in various foods. These lectins can adhere to the components of different cells such as the cells that line the wall of the intestines. Understandably, this causes various health issues including an allergic reaction.

Always remember that when it comes to food allergies, it is important that you are prepared. All you have to do is to register for first aid training so that you will learn the appropriate measures to take once an individual is experiencing an allergic reaction, especially the severe ones.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen an explanation of the difference between white rice and brown rice, and brown rice described as an allergen. I’m also allergic to whole wheat, but not white flour, so I suspected it was similar.

    Many gluten free items are made with brown rice, and brown rice syrup is used in a lot of foods now, instead of malt syrup, and in some medical gel caps.

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