Can beets trigger stomach pain?

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The stomach pain that occurs after eating beets is considered uncommon and might be linked to a digestive condition. Even though the stomach pain is not always an indication of a serious condition, a doctor should be consulted for proper assessment to determine the exact cause.

The stomach pain might also be due to increased intake of fiber, food intolerance, gas pains or a food allergy. The individual should not eat beets until a doctor has been consulted.

Can increased intake of fiber cause stomach pain?

If the individual has consumed a large amount of beets in a single sitting, he/she might end up with stomach pain due to the abrupt intake of increased fiber. Remember that a cup of beets contains 3.8 g of dietary fiber.

The dietary fiber is carbohydrates from plant-based foods that are not properly digested by the body and helps in maintaining regular bowel movement. Consumption of too much fiber rapidly especially if the body is not accustomed to a high-fiber diet can cause stomach pain, gas, bloating and diarrhea. If the individual continues to eat a high-fiber diet, these side effects subsides within a few days.

Gas pains

If the individual has consumed a large amount of beets in a single sitting, he/she might end up with stomach pain due to the abrupt intake of increased fiber.

The gas pains are usually confused with stomach pain since they occur in the abdominal area and trigger piercing, jabbing pain that come and go. The gas forms after eating beets due to the fiber content they provide, overeating or eating them quickly.

The gas pains are due to the trapped gas that develops during digestion. In most cases, the gas pains can be relieved by belching, having a bowel movement of passing gas. Once the individual develops gas pains on a consistent manner, a doctor should be consulted since it might be an indication of a serious health condition.

Intolerance to beets

In case the cramping is severe or occurs once beets are eaten, the individual might have food intolerance. When it comes to food intolerance, it is a typical condition that occurs with any type of food.

Food intolerance is characterized as inability of the digestive system to properly break down the sugars, proteins and carbohydrates in beets. The portion of beets that remains undigested enters the colon and interacts with bacteria which trigger cramping, bloating and stomach pain.

Allergy to beets

If an individual is allergic to beets, he/she can develop stomach pain and other symptoms shortly after consuming the vegetable. Beet allergy is different from intolerance since an allergy is the result of an immune system reaction while intolerance is a digestive issue. An allergy can also cause other symptoms such as the following:

  • Hives
  • Skin rashes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Facial swelling
  • Wheezing

Once an individual experiences any of these symptoms, a doctor should be consulted so that proper testing can be carried out.

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