Can tomatoes aggravate eczema?

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If an individual starts to perceive scaling, redness and itchiness on the skin, it simply indicates eczema. This is a skin condition that is instigated by the over reaction of the body to an external stimuli such as lotion, perfume, food allergens or dye. Always bear in mind that tomatoes are foods are to worsen eczema among those who have the skin condition.

An individual who has food sensitivity can make the eczema worse. In a span of 6-24 hours after eating the trigger food which is tomato, the individual will notice that the eczema becomes progressively worse. Take note that tomatoes and other citrus-like fruits are considered as usual triggers for eczema. Other potential foods include soy, eggs, milk, wheat, nuts and fish might also trigger a reaction. If you want to more about eczema and learn ways to effectively manage this skin condition, read here.

What are the possible dangers?

In a span of 6-24 hours after eating the trigger food which is tomato, the individual will notice that the eczema becomes progressively worse.

If tomatoes are responsible for aggravating the eczema, it can indicate a slight allergic reaction. When it comes to a food allergy, it is considered dangerous especially if it progresses more than just a simple eczema rash. If you suspect that tomatoes are triggering the eczema, it is best to schedule an appointment with a doctor to determine the exact cause or if there is a possibility of a food allergy. Otherwise, you have to watch out for the indications of a food allergy that is worsening. These typically include swelling, difficulty breathing, mouth tingling, abdominal pain and dizziness. If the individual experiences any of these symptoms, it is vital to seek medical care as soon as possible.

How an allergy is diagnosed

An elimination diet is used in order to determine if tomatoes are responsible for worsening the eczema. With this diet, the individual should stop eating tomatoes for 2-6 weeks. After that given period, the individual should eat tomatoes to check if the eczema returns or worsens. If the eczema worsens, eliminate the food again to check how the symptoms progress.

Always remember that an elimination diet must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor particularly if a food allergy is suspected, not just food sensitivity.

Treatment for eczema

The treatment for the symptoms of eczema will help make the life of the individual a lot more comfortable. Based on the recommendation of the doctor, a topical steroid can be applied to help relieve the pain and itchiness caused by eczema. Avoid scratching the affected area since this will only make it worse. It is best to take short, cool baths and only use unscented shampoos and soaps that do not contain any dyes. In case the eczema came in contact with the clothing, it is recommended to use cotton since it is softer on the skin.

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