Carpal tunnel syndrome: Are cortisone shots effective?

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is defined by pain, tingling sensation and numbness of the hand and fingers. The root cause is irritation in one of the large nerves as it moves via the wrist joint. The treatment is based on the type and length of the symptoms.

Close look on cortisone shots

The cortisone shots have been utilized as a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Based on studies conducted, it revealed the possible outcomes of getting cortisone injections for carpal tunnel syndrome are as effective as surgical intervention during the initial months after a shot is given.

As a common condition, finding the ideal treatment can be difficult. The cortisone shots are easily administered and even though there are possible side effects, they are generally safer than surgery.

Carpal tunnel syndrome
The cortisone shots can be utilized effectively for carpal tunnel syndrome in a few cases.

When used as a diagnostic tool

The cortisone shots can be utilized effectively for carpal tunnel syndrome in a few cases. Initially, it is effective as a temporary treatment as needed. Some develop the condition for reasons that eventually settle over time. In such instances, providing relief to the symptoms can allow the underlying condition to resolve.

Oftentimes, the cause of the numbness might last longer even after testing and exams. In such cases, a shot might be given to aid with the diagnosis as well as act as a form of treatment. In case the symptoms settle after the shot, the procedure will confirm the presence of the syndrome. This is an option that the doctor might suggest if the root of the symptoms is not clear.

Is it effective?

The cortisone shots are effective in the management of carpal tunnel syndrome, but not considered as the perfect treatment. There are instances where pressure on the median nerve is too much and urgent relief can be provided with surgery.

For mild cases that might settle on its own and only requires temporary relief or if a diagnosis is unclear, a shot might be an effective approach in dealing with the condition.

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