Causes of constant nose bleeding

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Even though most of us have experienced a nose bleed before, it is not a condition one should worry about or would require medical attention. On the other hand, if an individual suffers from constant nose bleeding, it should be checked by a doctor to determine the actual cause. In doing so, the appropriate first aid care and treatment can be provided.

Use of drugs

The regular usage of drugs particularly those that are administered via inhalation such as cocaine or inhalants can lead to frequent nose bleeding. It is important to note that the nasal tissue is very sensitive to any substances that it is being introduced to. As time passes by, the chemicals that are present in illegal drugs or inhalants will eventually wear away the nasal tissues, particularly in the upper septum. This will cause the tissue to break easily and bleed.

Exposure to cold dry air

One of the common causes of constant nose bleeding is exposure to cold dry air. Since the weather changes from winter to summer, the air will start to become dry. Understandably, this will have a drastic effect on the nasal cavity, resulting to drying and cracking of the lining of the nose which is usually accompanied by bleeding. If the individual has allergies, it can also cause the nasal tissue to dry up and crack causing frequent nose bleeding.


Nose bleeding causes
The regular usage of drugs particularly those that are administered via inhalation such as cocaine or inhalants can lead to frequent nose bleeding.

It is a known fact that hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions can also cause frequent nose bleeding. The increased pressure in the blood vessels can add more pressure to the nasal capillaries and arteries, thus making them susceptible to bleeding.

Nasal polyps

Nasal polyps can also trigger recurrent nose bleeding. The nasal polyps are the benign growths within the nasal cavity that are commonly caused by other health issues such as nasal infections or allergies. Always remember that nasal polyps are usually temporary but has the tendency to recur without any warning.

Bleeding issues

Both bleeding disorders and drugs utilize in treating certain blood disorders can also be the cause of constant nose bleeding. The common bleeding disorder that can cause nose bleeding includes issues with the blood platelets such as thrombocytopenia or with the clotting such as hemophilia. Even blood thinning medications such as Coumadin can contribute to the occurrence of nosebleeds. With this in mind, it is best to consult the doctor if these medications triggered regular episodes of nosebleeds.

Rare causes

There are possible yet rare conditions that can cause frequent nose bleeding. The Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome which causes abnormal blood vessel growth can result to nose bleeding. Other diseases such as tumors, leukemia and hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia typically include nosebleed as one of their symptoms. An individual with any of these conditions is expected to suffer from frequent nose bleeding every now and then.

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