Common causes of wrist pain in basketball

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Basketball is considered as a strenuous and highly demanding sport that can take a toll of the body of the players. Even though those who play basketball are often focused in maximizing energy as well as averting injuries to the legs, the constant motion of shooting and dribbling can cause pain in the wrists. Falls can also cause wrist pain and injuries. If the individual experiences chronic wrist pain or just recently sustained a fall while playing the game, it is best to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Sprains and fractures

Take note that a sprain occurs once a ligament which is tissue that connects bone to bone is overly stretched or torn. As for a fracture, it is a broken bone. The indications of the two can be similar and can include numbness, swelling and localized pain.

The fractures usually require medical treatment and immobilization for several weeks while sprains can often be treated at home with first aid care. If the individual recently fell while playing basketball and experiencing wrist pain, it is best to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis of the injury. Take note that fractures often do not heal properly without medical care. Whether the individual has a sprain or fracture, he/she must not play the sport until completely healed from the injury. If you want to learn the difference between a fracture and a sprain, read here.

Wrist pain
Falls can also cause wrist pain and injuries.

Muscular tension

In case you notice that there is a knot in the arm, wrist or hand, the wrist pain can be caused by muscle spasms. Adding strain on one side of the body, awkward posture and playing basketball after a long period of not exercising can contribute to the manifestation of muscle spasms. It is important to massage the knot and focus on relaxing the muscles in order to eliminate the tension. Take note that muscle knots usually vanish after several days of massage.


The tendons are bands of connective tissue that are responsible for connecting muscle to bone. Once the sheath surrounding the tendon becomes swollen, tendinitis develops. The condition can cause pain and inflammation in the affected area and can be triggered by monotonous movements and frequent injuries. It is important to immobilize the affected area and apply an ice pack every 20 minutes. In case the condition worsens or disrupts the capability to play basketball, it is best to consult a doctor regarding cortisone injections or surgery.

What are the possible injuries?

Among older individuals who play basketball, carpal tunnel syndrome can also cause wrist pain. This condition occurs due the repetitive movement and can cause the hands to shake. The ganglion cysts are considered non-cancerous bumps that can develop in the wrist. If you notice a hard lump that is painful, it is best to consult a doctor. Even injuries in other parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders and hips can cause pain that radiates to the wrist.


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