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Foot blisters usually develop once the upper layers of the skin to detach and the area amid is filled with serum. It is important to note that serum is the fluid component of blood that contains protective substances.

What are the causes of foot blisters?

Blisters commonly develop on the ankles aside from the feet. Take note that these areas are prone to heat and pressure.

Essentially, the blisters can be caused by the following:

  • Friction is the usual cause
  • Direct damage to the skin from heat or corrosive substances
  • Some infectious and genetic conditions
    Foot blisters
    Always wear socks with shoes to prevent foot blisters.

The factors that subjects certain areas of the foot to repeated friction that leads to the development of foot blisters include the following:

  • Wearing poorly-fitting or stiff shoes that rubs on the skin while walking
  • Wearing high heels which drive pressure to a small area in the foot, usually the ball of the foot.
  • Wrinkles in the socks
  • Feet is hot or moist
  • Wearing shoes without socks
  • Irregularities in the foot shape which affects shoe fit


Most cases of foot blisters heal over time and the fluid is gradually reabsorbed as the skin below heals. You can speed up the process and reduce the pain with the following:

  • Deal with the cause of the foot blisters
  • Make sure that the area is dry and clean
  • Always wear socks with shoes
  • For small-sized blisters, a protective dressing can be used to prevent it from opening. The upper layer of the blister protects the skin below as it heals.
  • If it occurs on the bottom of the foot, utilize a protective dressing by utilizing a moleskin padding with a space created in the center. This relieves the pressure from the blister and prevents the upper layer from being rubbed off.

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