Sports injuries

How to care for sports injuries

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Sports injuries could not be avoided in various activities. When engaging in sports, there are quick treatment measures to perform to reduce the pain as well as promote faster healing. Being familiar with what to do during injuries will ensure that the injury will heal faster and allow the individual to resume with his/her sport.

Stop exercise if pain is present

The initial sign of sports injuries is no other than abrupt pain. The first step in managing a sports injury is to prevent further damage or injury. The individual should stop the activity right away and start treatment. Allowing the injured part to rest is vital for the healing process. Do not exercise through the pain since it will only make the condition worse.

Application of ice and compression

Sports injuries
The best way to reduce the swelling is to apply ice on the injury, elevate the affected part higher than the level of the heart and utilize a compression wrap.

After sustaining an acute injury, swelling occurs around the site of injury. The initial treatment for most cases of acute soft injuries is to prevent and minimize the swelling. Once the soft tissues are damaged, it swells or bleeds internally. The swelling causes pain and loss of motion that limits the use of the muscles.

The best way to reduce the swelling is to apply ice on the injury, elevate the affected part higher than the level of the heart and utilize a compression wrap. The compression prevents the blood from pooling in the tissues. Just make sure that the wrap is not too tight.

The application of ice reduces the swelling and pain. Apply an ice pack over the compression wrap to minimize the swelling. The application must be carried out several times throughout the day for 20 minutes at a time. The simplest way to apply ice is to use crushed ice or bag of frozen vegetables. Do not forget to allow the area to warm fully before applying ice again.


Since pain is the main symptom of most sports injuries, pain relief is achieved by over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. These medications work by reducing the inflammation.


After 1-2 days of rest and application of ice, most cases of strains, sprains or other injuries start to heal. In case the pain or swelling does not subside after 48 hours, a doctor should be consulted.

When the healing starts, gentle stretching and light massage can minimize the possibility of adhesions and formation of scar tissue as well as improve muscular function. Steadily increase the range of motion using the damaged muscle or joint.

Restoring strength and joint stability

After sustaining an injury, it is vital for the joints to return to their proper alignment. A rehabilitation program typically includes exercises that focus on joint stability. This is vital right after sustaining an injury in the lower extremity.

Once the damage has mended, reinforcement exercises can be initiated. Begin with easy weights and always observe good form.

Ice or heat for sports injuries

The management for acute sports injuries starts with the application of ice. After the healing in ongoing, heat can be used to reduce the muscular tension in cases that involves chronic pain.

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