How to manage a hip flexor strain

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The hip flexor is a muscle group in the anterior region of the hip that enables forward movement while walking or running. Significant stress is placed on the hip flexor when sprinting or kicking which can lead to a hip strain.

The injury involves stretching or tearing of a tendon or muscle. In most cases, the hip flexor can become painful and inflamed which necessitates treatment.

How to care for a hip flexor strain

A doctor must be consulted if a hip strain is suspected to determine what is wrong. An assessment of the hip and thigh will enable the doctor to decide on a diagnosis. Additional testing might be necessary if the doctor suspects a serious strain or further injury.

  • Apply an ice pack on the hip flexor muscles. The application should last for 30 minutes every 3-4-hour intervals. The treatment must be continued during the next 2-3 days or until the discomfort is gone.
    Anti-inflammatory medications can be given by the doctor to manage the condition.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications can be given by the doctor to manage the condition. Make sure that the medications are taken as instructed.
  • Allow the hip muscles to rest adequately. As much as possible, avoid engaging in the activity responsible for the hip strain. Avoid exercise and sports until free from pain. Resuming normal activities too soon can turn the hip flexor strain into a chronic condition if the individual could not fully recover.
  • The hip muscles should be stretched. Remember that gradual stretching can help improve the strength and flexibility of the hip specifically hip flexor stretching.

Always remember that prevention is the key in preventing a strain as well as other hip injuries. Make sure that flexibility, mobility, balance and strength are emphasized during regular workouts.

The individual should not engage in a stretching regimen to a point where pain is triggered. In case pain arises, stop the exercise. In case the condition does not improve, a doctor must be consulted.

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