Injuries from a shoulder press

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It is important to note that a shoulder press or military press is a basic, upper body exercise that focuses on all the major shoulder muscles in the body. The exercise is usually performed using dumbbells or by using a barbell and lifting the weight over the head. If there is excessive weight or repeated overhead motion, the individual faces a higher risk for sustaining shoulder injuries.

When dealing with injuries from a shoulder press, it is best that you are prepared to handle one, especially among those who engage in one as part of their workout routine. All you have to do is to register for first aid training today.

Shoulder press injuries
Back injuries are also common during shoulder press exercises. These back injuries are initially triggered by the lack of back support during the exercise.


Excessive or constant overhead movement is one of the main causes of shoulder injuries from a shoulder press. The impingement is triggered by the constant rubbing of the shoulder muscles against the upper part of the shoulder blade which is called the acromion. The impingement can develop from any type of shoulder press and can lead to the inflammation of the shoulder muscles. In case inflammation occurs, the individual should seek immediate medical care before the injury worsens.


When it comes to a dumbbell shoulder press, it enables freedom of movement during the exercise which helps prevent shoulder injuries from occurring. Nevertheless, performing with an incorrect form can progress to an instability injury.

Instability will develop if one of the shoulder joints travels or forced out of the normal position which can occur during a dumbbell shoulder press if one is lifting heavy weight and loses control of the dumbbell. The individual should not try an overhead lift without an experienced spotter present in case he/she could not properly complete the lift.

Back injuries

Back injuries are also common during shoulder press exercises. These back injuries are initially triggered by the lack of back support during the exercise. This can develop during seated or standing dumbbell press and typically occurs when the weight is too heavy and the individual leans back in an attempt to get the weight back up. Take note that this reduces the effectiveness of the exercise and adds strain on the lower back. Always remember that proper back support should always be present when the individual exercises.

Rotator cuff injuries

The barbell shoulder press or military press can damage the shoulder muscle. Excess load and incorrect form are the common causes of injury. When this exercise is performed, the individual should always bring the barbell down in front instead of behind the back. Take note that the behind the neck version can strain on the rotator cuff due to the hyperextension produced by bringing the bar behind the neck. In case the rotator cuff is damaged, the individual might lose full functionality of the shoulder muscles.

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