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Misaligned spine

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When an individual ends up with a misaligned spine, it can affect overall bodily function in various ways. Always bear in mind that there are several indications that an individual has a misaligned spine or out of its proper alignment.

The spinal column is comprised of bones called vertebrae, discs that function as shock absorbers and ligaments for stability and form. Several muscles are attached to the spine to provide it with strength and movement. The spine also houses the spinal cord and nerves that convey information to the rest of the body. As a highly complex structure that is structured to move, it is also prone to dysfunction.


You have to check the wearing on the heels of the shoes. This provides a clue on how well the spine is aligned. Once the lumbar spine or pelvis is out of proper alignment, the body compensates and places extra stress in other places which forces the individual to walk differently. After some time, one heel tends to wear differently than the other due to the poor function in the spine.

Misaligned spine
Any discrepancy in the leg length is an indication of a dysfunction in the lumbar spine or pelvis.

Leg length

Generally, both legs have the same length. Any discrepancy in the leg length is an indication of a dysfunction in the lumbar spine or pelvis. In most cases, the doctor will check this when diagnosing the spinal function.

Once the sacroiliac joints or lumbar joints are no longer functioning properly, they provide an appearance that one leg is relatively shorter than the other by up to an inch. Correcting the misaligned spine can reverse this discrepancy.

Range of motion

If the individual has diminished ability to completely move the head or back, it is a likely indication of a misaligned spine or dysfunction. Many individuals claim that the range of motion is somewhat affected until it is detected by a doctor. Always remember that proper flexibility is vital to keep the spine healthy.


The individual can check his/her posture by standing in front of a mirror. Stand up straight and mark the bottom of the earlobes, shoulder points and the top of the knees, hips and ankles on the mirror.

The next step is to stand back from the mirror and check if they are balanced from side to side. It is also recommended to check the posture from the side as well as from the front. In case the posture is not balanced properly, it is likely an indication of misaligned spinal joints.

Scale discrepancy

If the individual has several bathroom scales, you can position two scales side by side and place one foot on each. The body weight must be distributed evenly between the feet while standing straight.

In case the scales reveal that the individual is leaning to one side, it can be due to a misaligned spine that causes the head, hips or shoulders to go out of its center.

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