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Mushroom allergy: What are the indications to watch out for?

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Some individuals suffer from symptoms of mushroom allergy after exposed to mushrooms and other fungi. The allergies during childhood might settle within a few years but sensitivity to mushroom or mold exposure in adulthood typically continues.

The symptoms might arise from consuming mushroom or inhaling the fungal spores. The itchiness and respiratory issues of allergic rhinitis can be managed with medications but food allergies should be addressed with dietary changes.

What are the types of reactions?

Some will experience initial sensitivity after being sick from consuming or handling mushrooms. Food allergies can trigger respiratory, skin and digestive symptoms.

Those with mushroom allergy might also be sensitive to other forms of fungus such as yeast or mold. Consumption of foods that carry mold such as grapes or cheeses might instigate the symptoms. In addition, inhaling the airborne spores from molds or mushroom can trigger issues in some individuals.

Mushroom allergy
The other symptoms after ingesting mushrooms include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

What are the indications of mushroom allergy?

The response of the upper respiratory to the allergen include the following:

Other symptoms that will manifest include itchiness of the ears, eyes, mouth and throat. The same issues might indicate an allergy after eating mushroom or other moldy foods. In addition, the other symptoms after ingesting mushrooms include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.


The ideal way to minimize the airborne sources of mold is to keep the indoor humidity level below 50 percent. The respiratory symptoms can be prevented by using medications such as cromolyn sodium or nasal steroids.

It is also recommended to monitor the diet to eliminate mushrooms and foods that are likely to carry mold such as smoked fish, sour cream and dried fruits.

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