Nose fractures among children

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It is a known fact that the nose is one part of the body that is easily fractured. Children often strike their noses without causing a fracture but a severe blow can lead to broken bones and cartilage. The long-term complications such as evident deformity of the nose and problems with breathing can be prevented with appropriate first aid care and medical treatment.

What are the symptoms of nose fracture?

A child who sustained a nose fracture can experience pain in the nose, head or face as well as difficulty breathing via the nose. The nose can appear deformed even though it can be difficult to determine any deformity until the swelling has diminished. Always remember that a broken nose can bleed or produce clear fluid as well as noticeable bruising in the nose area and beneath the eyes. There is also a grinding feeling or sound that is noticeable when the broken nose is palpated.

Nose fracture
A child who sustained a nose fracture can experience pain in the nose, head or face as well as difficulty breathing via the nose.

First aid for nose fractures

In case the nose fracture is bleeding, the child must be instructed to lean forward and breathe via the mouth. Apply an ice pack in order to reduce any pain and inflammation. It is also helpful to allow the child to apply the ice so that you will not press to hard and trigger further pain. You can also provide over-the-counter acetaminophen and follow the package directions. These medications can help relieve pain experienced by the child after the injury was sustained.

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Treatment for nose fractures

A minor nasal fracture do not require treatment if the nose is not out of its normal position. If the nose of the child is broken and out of position, the doctor might be required to reposition the nose in a clinic. In severe cases, a nose fracture should be repaired with the help of surgery.

Important considerations to bear in mind

An X-ray is usually requested along with other tests in order to help determine if the child has a nose fracture. Always remember that a nose fracture might not be apparent until the swelling diminishes. If the child does not have serious symptoms, the doctor might check again the nose a few days after the injury to determine if there are indeed deformities. Nevertheless, it is also recommended that the child with a possible nose fracture would receive medical care within a week of the injury. If some time has passed before treatment is given, the child might have to wait for several months in order to have to nose repaired surgically.

Do not attempt to straighten a broken nose. If the child has severe symptoms such as severe bleeding, weakness or fainting, medical attention is required. The doctor must be consulted if the bleeding could not be controlled, leakage of clear fluid, severe pain or there are obvious injuries or deformities.

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