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15 July 2016
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Skin conditions: Overview on eczema

15 July 2016, Comments: 0

Eczema is a chronic, recurrent skin condition that typically develops in early childhood but can continue or start during adulthood. Similar with asthma and […]

1 July 2016
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Child skin care: Management of eczema

1 July 2016, Comments: 0

Eczema is a prevalent and frustrating skin condition for both parents and children. Since there is still no cure, it can be hard to […]

24 July 2015
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Facial eczema in children

24 July 2015, Comments: 0

Once a child develops a rash, most parents end up worried especially if it develops on the face. Oftentimes, the rash has a specific […]

24 April 2015
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Treatment for eczema

24 April 2015, Comments: 0

It is important to note that eczema is a common skin condition that can cause inflammation and harsh irritation. An individual with this skin […]

19 December 2014
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Can tomatoes aggravate eczema?

19 December 2014, Comments: 0

If an individual starts to perceive scaling, redness and itchiness on the skin, it simply indicates eczema. This is a skin condition that is […]