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Wrist pain after playing baseball

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The wrist pain is considered a common sports injury. Among those who play baseball, the wrists are persistently torqued in various directions, oftentimes in an unnatural manner. The severity of the injury that triggers the wrist pain tends to vary significantly. Before any form of advanced home treatment is started, it is ideal to set an appointment with a doctor so that a thorough assessment of the condition can be started as well as come up with a proper diagnosis.

Causes of wrist pain

The wrist pain that occurs after playing baseball can occur from various movements. It is important to note that the mild pain often occurs from poor form while swinging a bat. This occurs once the momentum of the bat on the rear end of a swing torques the wrist in an unnatural position.

Another movement in baseball that can trigger wrist pain is sliding into a base and jamming the wrist on the bag itself. Always bear in mind that this movement together with any other impact motion with the hand as a brace to cease movement usually leads to serious wrist injuries.


Wrist pain
The severity of the injury that triggers the wrist pain tends to vary significantly.

The wrist pain after swinging a bat can range from a mild sprain that can be readily taped or wrapped using a bandage and played through with minimal pain but can also be serious such as a severe sprain where several tendons are damaged.

The pain that starts from an impact movement can be mild as a bruise or severe as several broken bones that will require a cast followed by several months under a rehabilitation program.


The wrist pain that occurs after playing baseball is usually accompanied by diminished mobility and swelling. Once the pain in the wrist is felt, it is vital to stop any activity and rest the affected joint.

Apply an ice pack on the affected area but make sure that it is covered with a clean towel or cloth and let it stay in place for 15-20 minutes. This procedure can be repeated every 2-3 hours to reduce the swelling. Always wrap the wrist using an elastic bandage or cloth for 48 hours and place in a raised position above the level of the heart.

Preventive measures

Unlike with other sports, taping or wrapping for support is not an option in baseball since the individual requires full range of motion in the wrists to play even at a basic level.

The individual can practice the swing follow through at all angles, swinging at high, middle and low pitches while releasing the bat post-swing with minimal strain on the wrist used. When it comes to the headfirst slides, they are optional and rarely recommended, thus opting to a feet-first slide is the ideal preventive measure to prevent impact injuries.

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