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Can wisdom tooth cause jaw pain?

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An individual who experiences jaw pain might be linked to a wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth or third molar are positioned in the back of the jaw that erupt during late teens and mid-20s. In most cases, there is insufficient space for these teeth to fit securely in the jaw. There are cases in which a wisdom tooth could not completely emerge or might even crowd adjacent tooth which leads to jaw pain.

Possible issues

Some wisdom teeth can become impacted as they attempt to rupture from the gums. When an individual has an impacted wisdom tooth, it will not fully break through the surface of the gums.

The tooth can remain completely beneath the gum line, partly break through or grow in the incorrect direction towards an adjacent tooth. A wisdom tooth can end up impacted if the individual has a small-sized jaw where there is insufficient space for the tooth to fit.

Potential outcomes

Jaw pain
Jaw pain can be due to an impacted wisdom tooth. This can also result to other issues such as gum disease or infection.

Jaw pain can be due to an impacted wisdom tooth. This can also result to other issues such as gum disease or infection. When it comes to an impacted wisdom tooth which partly erupted, it can ensnare food and plaque fragments around the gums and tooth which increases the risk for bacterial infection.

An impacted tooth that develops in the incorrect direction might drive against an adjacent tooth and lead to misalignment of the bite or harm the teeth. In some cases, a fluid-filled sac or cyst can develop close to the impacted tooth.


The jaw pain and wisdom tooth might indicate that one or more of the impacted wisdom teeth should be extracted. Before the extraction procedure is carried out, the dentist will utilize a local anesthetic or sedative anesthesia to numb the jaw and mouth. An incision is created in the gums and the affected teeth are extracted. After the procedure, the dentist will provide instructions for follow-up care.

What are the possible risks?

There are various risks linked with wisdom tooth extraction to relieve the tooth and jaw pain. One risk is the possibility of nerve damage during the procedure. In case a nerve is damaged, the sensation in the chin, tongue or bottom lip can be altered. Additionally, there is also a risk for the bone in the affected tooth socket to remain exposed once the tooth has been taken out.

Home remedies

Various remedies can be provided at home for relief from the pain. As long as allowed by the dentist, the individual can be given over-the-counter pain medications to relieve some of the pain.

You can also apply an ice pack on the jaw to numb the area as well as help relieve the swelling. In addition, avoid eating hard foods that requires placing pressure on the jaw and the tooth.

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