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Do I have bone spurs in my hands?

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Bone spurs can be due to degenerative joint diseases affecting the finger joints. These bone spurs typically form close to the joints of the fingers due to the wearing out of the joint cartilage which is also called as osteoarthritis. It is important to note that the symptoms of bone spurs in the hand typically include stiffness, swelling, pain and diminished range of motion.

Medications and injections

The doctor might prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to individuals who have osteoarthritis and bone spurs in the hands. In case the oral anti-inflammatory medications could not provide the desired results, the doctor might recommend steroid injections into the affected joints.

The anti-inflammatory medications do not deal with the cause of the bone spurs and can only provide momentary relief. The steroid injections can provide relief for several months but could not be repeated indefinitely.

Bone spurs
It is important to note that the symptoms of bone spurs in the hand typically include stiffness, swelling, pain and diminished range of motion.

Exercise and physical therapy

The bone spurs in the hand are typically accompanied by diminished range of motion, stiffness and loss of strength. A home exercise program, physical therapy and occupational therapy that focus on range of motion and grip strength can help the individual maximize the function of the hand.

The individual can also utilize hot water baths that can reduce the pain and stiffness as well as make exercise easier and more tolerable. The exercises should focus on actively moving the fingers against resistance such as holding a soft ball or moving the fingers in a bowl of uncooked rice. Take note that exercising is highly effective in the initial stages of bone spur formation.

Surgical intervention

Once conservative treatment options fail to provide adequate relief, surgery is considered as an option. The bone spurs that formed outside the joints are often easy to remove. In most cases, the bone spurs in the hand involve the joints and an extensive surgery might be needed.

Always bear in mind that surgery might include reconstruction of the existing joint, fusion of the joint completely or replacement using an artificial joint. The surgeon will discuss the suitable option for the specific case of the individual. Every surgery requires a period of rehabilitation ranging from 2-12 weeks.

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