Dressings for burns

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It is important to note that burns vary in severity depending on the extent of coverage on the body and how deep it penetrated through the skin and the tissues involved. Burns also occur due to various causes such as friction, heat and chemical exposure. Since there are different types of burns, a variety of burn dressings are readily on hand in pharmacies and drug stores. All of these dressings are specifically designed to protect the damaged tissue as well as help the burn wound heal correctly and minimize the risk for infection and scarring.

Adherent dressing for burns

There are burn dressings that are specially designed to stick to the area being treated. The silicone-coated synthetic netting with low adhesive quality can be easily detached without any strain from the affected area. The more sticky elastic dressings can be used to cover burns in the extremities such as arms, hands and legs. Take note that these dressings are often applied over other layers.

All of these dressings are specifically designed to protect the damaged tissue as well as help the burn wound heal correctly and minimize the risk for infection and scarring.

Gauze and fabric dressing

The dressings that are made out of gauze and fabric are vital in providing protection to almost every degree of burn wound. The gauze dressings are structured to bind around the interior layer of damp dressing to secure it in the right position over the burn wound while still enabling the individual to move. Ace bandage is another type of fabric, elastic wrap that can help minimize the swelling in the affected area.

Emergency dressings

The emergency medical team utilizes types of burn dressings that are specially designed to serve as the initial line of defense while transporting an individual who sustained a severe burn to the hospital. The water-based gel dressings are covered with gel-based substance and works by protecting the burn by closing it off from air as well as bacteria until proper treatment can be given in the hospital.

Burn towels are used to cover the burned area for protection against airborne pathogens. Burn sheets are used to cover an individual who sustained a serious burn injury in order to prevent loss of essential body heat from the wound. The emergency medical team often utilizes saline solution to replace fluid lost from burn wounds along with these sheets.

Antibacterial dressings

Burn dressings that keep the burn site moist and bacteria-free are vital in the healing process. The silver absorbent dressings are applied over the burn wound to pull fluid that drains out from the site. As this occurs, the dressing transforms into a gel that protects the burn from bacteria as it hardens.

The antimicrobial dressings made out of soft silicone can also be used which releases silver into the wound up to 7 days. These types of burn dressings are covered with gauze, adherent or fabric to secure in place.

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