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Flour allergy: What are the signs and symptoms?

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An individual with flour allergy has developed sensitivity to one or several substances in wheat. The reactions to the proteins and other compounds in wheat flour can trigger mild or dangerous allergy symptoms.

In some instances, exercise or using aspirin intensifies the indications of flour allergy to a whole-body reaction. If this allergy is suspected, a doctor must be consulted for further assessment.

What are the indications of flour allergy?


The itchiness is brought about by direct exposure of the skin with flour or via the ingestion of foods that are made from flour. Direct contact with white or whole flour can trigger eczema-like symptoms.

These symptoms include itchiness and redness on the hands or other areas that were exposed after ingesting flour. The individual can experience the following:

  • Itchy lips, mouth, tongue and throat
    Flour allergy
    The sensation of nausea initially occurs then trailed by vomiting or abdominal pain.
  • Itchy eyes

Breathing issues

When a reaction starts, histamine enters the bloodstream and triggers inflammation. Aside from the itchiness, the membranes in the mouth and nose might swell, resulting to the partial obstruction of the airways.

The histamine also causes the fluids to build-up in the nasal and sinus passages. The allergy symptoms of a runny or stuffed nose appears the same with the flu or cold, but might be linked to flour allergy. If difficulty breathing or swallowing occurs shortly after eating wheat foods, this link is likely.

GI tract issues

An individual with flour allergy will experience digestive issues an hour or more after consumption of wheat products. The timing might be affected based on the amount of food eaten and other foods as well.

The sensation of nausea initially occurs then trailed by vomiting or abdominal pain. As the body breaks down the food, the individual will suffer intestinal cramping and diarrhea.


Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can be triggered by flour allergy or from aspirin or exercise complications. A reaction rapidly manifests than the GI symptoms, usually in just a few moments after consumption of food that contains wheat. It is vital to call for emergency assistance right away if anaphylaxis is suspected.

The indications of anaphylaxis include the following:

  • Drop in the blood pressure that causes confusion and weakness
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Wheezing
  • Erratic pulse rate
  • Fainting

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