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Lateral hip pain due to running

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Various factors play a role on triggering lateral hip pain while running. Using proper footwear, age, running on uneven terrain and increasing the distance abruptly can increase the risk for conditions that trigger hip pain. These conditions include sacroiliac joint dysfunction, iliotibial band friction syndrome, hip fractures and iliac crest injury. It is recommended to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis of the condition as well as start a suitable treatment plan if hip pain occurs while running.

Hip pain due to IT band and bursitis

Iliotibial band syndrome can cause lateral knee and hip pain that is intense. The IT band is comprised of a durable group of fibers that travel along the lateral thigh starting from the upper hip up to the area below the knee. This syndrome can lead to sore bursitis on the exterior hip.

Once this occurs, the bursa on the exterior point of the hip becomes inflamed. The pain is usually felt if the individual lies on his/her side as well as during activity. Overuse can irritate the IT band and lead to bursitis.

Hip pointer

Hip pain
Lateral hip pain might be due to hip pointer or any injury at the upper part of the iliac crest.

Lateral hip pain might be due to hip pointer or any injury at the upper part of the iliac crest. You are likely to rest your hands on the crest if you place your hands on the hips Contusion with or without a fracture where a small region of the bone is pulled off by a tendon is the cause of the pain. This condition is due to direct trauma to the iliac crest. The condition is managed with rest, application of ice and physical therapy.

SI joint dysfunction

Issues with the sacroiliac joint can result to lateral hip pain over time. The individual is more likely to feel pain in the lateral thigh, buttocks, lower abdomen and even the foot.

In most cases, the pain is also present at the SI joints at the base of the back between the sacrum and hip bone on either side of the spine. The condition can also be due to over striding on downhill runs, falling onto the buttocks and stepping off a curb into a hold.

An injury can lead to lateral hip pain due to a functional leg-length discrepancy and an altered gait. These increases the risk for other injuries such as IT band syndrome that causes pain in the side hip.


A stress fracture can oftentimes lead to lateral hip pain while running. The pain can occur without warning, create a tender spot and there is a positive “hop test” which means that hopping on the affected leg triggers pain.

Stress fractures on the hip are quite common among distance athletes. If the individual increases the distance rapidly, there is a higher risk for the injury. Among females, they face a higher risk than males.

Advancing age also increases the risk. The treatment typically involves adequate rest, application of ice and avoiding activity that involves the use of the leg for 4-6 weeks. Physical therapy is also required in most cases. Surgery is also required in some circumstances. Even though a stress fracture can result to lateral hip pain, the pain from a fracture is quite common in the front of the groin area.

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