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Management of a foreign body in the nose

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A foreign body in the nose can be managed in various ways. It is best to seek medical care if an object is lodged deep into the nose or driven farther up the nasal cavity if removal was performed.

When dealing with children, it might be an issue since they can be uncooperative.  If medical care is sought for the removal of the object, do not provide anything to eat or drink since sedation might be required.

Self-care measures at home for a foreign object in the nose

It is not advisable to insert any object in the nose to remove a foreign object. Pushing the object farther back can complicate the condition and possibly result to choking or damaging the surrounding tissue.

Foreign object in the nose
Instruct the individual to blow the nose can dislodge the object and more likely to succeed if the other nostril is closed during an attempt.

These techniques can be performed safely at home to remove a foreign object in the nose:

  • Instruct the individual to blow the nose can dislodge the object and more likely to succeed if the other nostril is closed during an attempt. Make sure that the nostril is closed by pushing  a finger at the side of the nose.
  • A sneeze can produce enough force and an alternative way to drive the object forward and out of the nose. This is more effective if the unaffected nostril is closed.

Child care

When dealing with children, you can try to get rid of the foreign object by closing your mouth over the mouth of the child and sealing the unobstructed nostril with their fingers. Delivering a fast puff of air into the mouth of the child can drive out the object out of the nostril. This should only be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

Nasal bleeding

Nasal bleeding is a symptom typically linked with a foreign object in the nose. Some of the episodes of bleeding eventually settle on their own. Place a towel over the end of the nose is a safe way to contain the bleeding if the individual can easily breathe. In case the bleeding could not be controlled in 5 minutes, seek medical care.

  • Even though it is a common measure to pinch the soft part of the nose for 10-15 minutes, the technique might not be suitable depending on the situation and the object involved.
  • A cool compress can be applied on the nose to reduce the bleeding and minimizes the swelling that aids in the removal of the foreign object.

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