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Types of allergies that can cause itchy lips

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Individuals who have oral health issues might have food allergy which causes itchy lips and swelling of the mouth lining. Some individuals only develop these allergy symptoms after eating certain uncooked vegetables or fruits.

In most cases, digestive and respiratory issues can also arise. In rare circumstances, the allergic reactions that trigger itchy lips can progress to anaphylaxis which is a systemic reaction that can result to coma and even death.

Close look on allergies

Oral allergy syndrome is characterized by symptoms limited to the mouth and throat area. These can occur only during certain pollination seasons. The typical food allergies include digestive and nasal symptoms and trigger allergy symptoms every time the individual consumes an offending food.

Itchy lips
Oral allergy syndrome is characterized by symptoms limited to the mouth and throat area.

The anaphylactic reactions combine cardiovascular and pulmonary effects to generate serious health issues on rare occasions.

What are the distinctive features?

Individuals usually develop the indications of oral food allergies right away which includes tingling or itchy lips or even the formation of elevated bumps in the mouth. The eyes might start to itch along with runny nose.

The digestive symptoms occur as the allergens go through the body. Within an hour, feeling of nausea and stomach cramps can occur along with vomiting and diarrhea.

Remember that the reactions to food do not have any long-term effects except if anaphylaxis muddies their current conditions. During a severe allergic reaction, there is drop in the blood pressure and the airways are severely congested.

The individual also feels lightheaded, weak and has difficulty breathing. It is also possible for the individual to lose consciousness along with the heart and lung functions.


Damage to the organs and death can be prevented by calling for immediate emergency assistance at the initial sign of an erratic pulse or difficulty breathing. The ideal way to prevent anaphylaxis and other allergy symptoms is to identify and avoid the offending food. The individual can also note down foods that causes itchy lips along with other health symptoms.

Considerations to bear in mind

Once the human body produces antibodies to the presence of food allergens, a defense mechanism sets in once it perceives a threat. Plant-based foods such as potatoes can be cooked to prevent the immune system from recognizing the allergenic proteins.

The individual might not be able to avert the reactions to other foods such as tree nuts and fish however. In addition, anaphylaxis can also occur at any time among those with food allergies and could not be predicted.

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