What are chemicals that trigger skin rashes?

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Certain chemicals can cause the manifestation of skin rashes or dermatitis via two distinctive processes. Allergic contact dermatitis can occur the moment the body responds upon exposure to any substances or objects to which he/she has developed an allergic sensitivity. As for irritant contact dermatitis, it develops once the skin came in contact with an irritant or substance that strips away the protective oils and damages the skin. There are various chemicals that can cause one or both of these reactions. If an individual is allergic to certain chemicals, you have to be prepared to ease the symptoms. You can register for first aid training today in your area.


It is important to note that natural latex is considered as a common allergen. Most of the chemicals employed in the manufacturing of rubber are also capable of instigating allergic contact dermatitis. The chemicals incorporated to accelerate the production process as well as rubber accelerators are usually linked with rubber contact allergies.

Skin rashes
There are various chemicals that can cause one or both of these reactions. If an individual is allergic to certain chemicals, you have to be prepared to ease the symptoms.

Allergic contact dermatitis can occur from contact with various products that contain rubber including condoms, garden hoses and balloons. Allergy to latex has been a special concern to healthcare professionals who depend on these gloves to maintain sanitary conditions in the workplace. Those who work in these environments should ask if the patient has any sensitivity to latex before any procedure.


Cosmetic products such as shampoos, sunscreen, aftershave and makeup often include scents that can trigger the development of allergic contact dermatitis. Even the unscented options can still instigate contact dermatitis since they often include perfumes that are masked. It is important to note that products labelled as fragrance-free are more likely to be safe for those who have allergic reactions to fragrances.

There are also some cosmetics that can generate rashes by irritating the skin, instead of triggering an allergic response. Individuals who have sensitive skin can suffer from contact dermatitis as a response to contact with certain cosmetic solutions and gels.

Acidic or alkaline substances

The heavy-duty chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or even alkaline chemicals particularly sodium hydroxide are capable of causing damage on the surface of the skin and result to irritant contact dermatitis. Take note that even saliva is naturally alkaline in nature and it has been known to trigger rashes of irritant dermatitis among babies.

Detergents and soaps

Irritant contact dermatitis can occur due to constant exposure to mild irritants such as detergent or soap. Frequent hand washing can also lead to the manifestation of rashes by stripping away the natural oil in the skin which causes dryness and eventually the skin will flake, peel or crack. Understandably, this will leave the skin vulnerable since the chemicals can infiltrate the upper layer of the skin via these fissures and trigger irritation in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Soaps and detergents that have fragrances can instigate allergic contact dermatitis among individuals who have sensitivity to fragrances.

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