What are the causes of neck rashes?

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It is a known fact that rashes can manifest in any part of the body and lead to various symptoms. The rashes can occur as localized, itchy, red-colored bumps or cause widespread breakouts. Individuals who experience neck rashes usually suffer from other signs and symptoms such as peeling, tenderness and dry skin. In most cases, rashes can develop due to skin conditions or as a reaction to an irritant, but can also indicate an underlying health condition. Consulting a doctor can greatly help out in diagnosing as well as providing the appropriate first aid care and treatment options.

Heat rash

A heat rash is a common cause of neck rashes. Take note that this type of rash can occur due to excessive perspiration during warm weather. In most cases, perspiration evaporates but it can end up trapped under the skin under harsh environmental conditions. This can cause the sweat glands to clog up. Prickly skin, inflammation, red-colored bumps and diminished sweating on the affected area can occur due to blocked sweat glands. Young children and those who work in warm environments usually develop heat rash more often but it can affect anyone. The usual sites for heat rashes include the upper chest, neck, under the breasts and elbows. It is important to use lightweight clothing as well as avoiding using ointments that block the pores.

Neck rashes
A heat rash is a common cause of neck rashes. Take note that this type of rash can occur due to excessive perspiration during warm weather.


Psoriasis is a skin condition that develops due to problems with the immune system. This condition affects the life cycle of the skin cells and causes irritation. In most cases, the skin cells take a month between growth and shedding. When it comes to psoriasis, it hastens the process. The result of the quick skin cell turnover is irritation in the form of dry, cracked skin, soreness and itchiness as well as scaling skin. The direct symptoms include neck rashes that can extend up to scalp.

It is important to consult a doctor if psoriasis is suspected so that proper treatment can be started as soon as possible.


There are different types of dermatitis and each affects that skin in a distinct manner. Dermatitis is the inflammation of the skin due to allergens, irritants, genetics and health issues. Once the condition affects the neck, it is due to contact dermatitis. Take note that contact dermatitis occurs due to direct contact with allergens or irritants that leads to irritation. It is important to some individual are highly sensitive to some substances that can easily trigger dermatitis. There are home remedies that can be used in order to provide relief to the itchiness and discomfort.

The common irritants and allergens that trigger neck rashes include soaps, cosmetics, jewelry and perfumes. The indications of contact dermatitis include dry, red-colored patches and itchiness on the affected area along with tenderness and pain.

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