What is weeping eczema?

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Weeping eczema is considered as a serious skin condition that results to severe pain and complications. Most of us have heard about eczema and some have even experienced the skin condition. Even though eczema is a regarded as a common skin condition, many are still unaware of the fact that eczema has different types. When it comes to weeping eczema, it is considered as an extreme type.


What is eczema?

Eczema or also called as dermatitis is basically a skin condition that affects the dermal layers of the skin. The characteristic symptoms of this skin condition include severely dry skin that is accompanied by intense itchiness. Eczema typically starts in a single part of the body and then continues to spread in an intermittent manner to the rest of the body. However, several variants of this disease and the manner on how it progresses make it difficult to diagnose and even treat at times.

Symptoms of weeping eczema

Weeping eczema is different from the common forms of eczema due to its weeping stage. Initially, weeping eczema starts just like the common eczema with red-colored, itchy skin. Nevertheless, as the condition progresses, the skin turns raw and severely irritated and can even tear and bleed. This is known as the wet stage of the skin condition.  After this stage, the skin starts to produce pus from beneath the dry, cracked exterior layer of the skin. The pus leaks from the dry layer. Even though there are other severe forms of the traditional eczema, weeping eczema is different from the rest with these key characteristics.


There are no direct connections to what actually causes the condition. Generally, eczema is believed to be a hereditary skin condition that is passed on to children by one or both parents.

Treatment for weeping eczema

Weeping eczema
As a first aid measure, you have to instruct the individual to keep the skin clean as well as encouraging drinking plenty of water to keep the body properly nourished.

The treatment options for weeping eczema are the same with the common eczema. Oral and topical corticosteroids are prescribed to help alleviate the irritation. Another treatment option is the ultraviolet light therapy. Just take note that this will only treat the symptoms, not the condition.

Important considerations to bear in mind

Always remember that weeping eczema is a severe skin condition that must be treated by a doctor. Even though the doctor can provide the appropriate medications to help treat the weeping eczema, it is vital for the individual to help improve their condition as well. As a first aid measure, you have to instruct the individual to keep the skin clean as well as encouraging drinking plenty of water to keep the body properly nourished.

Instruct the individual to avoid wearing clothes that are not made out of natural fibers such as hemp and cotton. Take note that polyester is a synthetic fiber that can worsen all forms of eczema, resulting to aggravated symptoms. Vitamin E should also be taken orally or applied topically to all the affected areas.

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