What are the detrimental effects of polyester resin?

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Polyester resin is basically the unsaturated resin that is utilizing in creating fiber-reinforced plastics and non-reinforced filled materials. It is important to note that polyester resin binds the fibers in a tight manner in order to allow loads to be transferred between fibers while at the same time providing protection from chemicals, water or harsh weather. Polyester resin is commonly used in automobile products, electronics, and gel coats in marine work and even on blades for wind turbines. There are safety regulations that must be observed since the substance can be dangerous.

Ingestion of polyester resin

If polyester resin is accidentally ingested, the first aid measure is to provide the individual with plenty of water to drink and call emergency assistance immediately. Do not induce the individual to vomit since this can cause stress on the internal organs.


If polyester resin is inhaled, it can lead to the irritation of the respiratory tract. It can also lead to nausea and suffocation in case of extended exposure to the substance. Take note that the substance is considered very dangerous if inhaled in an enclosed space without proper ventilation.

Once an individual inhales polyester resin, you have to transfer him/her outdoors for proper ventilation and allow him/her to rest until the medical team arrives on the scene. The best way to avoid respiratory issues when working with polyester resin is to wear a vapor mask and ensure that the work place is properly ventilated.

Risks of inflammation

Polyester resin-effects
The affected eye must be cleansed repeatedly with clean water for 10-15 minutes while waiting for the medical team to arrive.

Polyester resin must be stored in a cool and dry place. If it is exposed to the air, high level of heat or sunlight, there is a high risk for a fire. Always remember that the substance must also be stored separately from any metal compounds, acids and rust. In case a fire occurred, you have to use a carbon dioxide substance to control the blaze since water will only aggravate the resin and worsen the fire. If the substance was stored in containers that are at risk for overheating can be cooled down by applying water directly over the containers.

Damage to the skin

Always remember that polyester resin can exacerbate the skin, causing redness and skin rashes. In case the substance gets in contact with the skin, you have to cleanse thoroughly the affected area using water and soap. Any clothing that also came into contact with the substance must be removed.

Seek medical assistance if any of the symptoms persists. Those who work with polyester resin must always wear protective gloves, clothing and boots so that the skin is properly protected from any contact.

Damage to the eyes

The substance is considered as an irritant if it splashes accidentally into the eyes. The affected eye must be cleansed repeatedly with clean water for 10-15 minutes while waiting for the medical team to arrive.

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