What are the mild flu-like symptoms?

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The flu-like symptoms is a general term that is utilized in describing a complex but usually mild set of symptoms that can develop due to infection, medication use or disease. The development of the mild flu-like symptoms in some individuals can develop in an abrupt manner and most likely connected with any infection that has been triggered by the influenza or flu virus. As a common ailment that affects individuals all over the globe, being familiar with these symptoms is a must so that prompt treatment can be started. If you want to learn how to properly manage these symptoms, all you have to do is to enroll in a first aid class.

Fever and chills

The usual mild flu-like symptoms is no other than fever. Among healthy individuals, the average body temperature is 98.6 degrees F. Once a foreign substance such as bacteria or virus enters the body, the immune system transmits signals all over the body, instructing it to increase the body temperature. The development of fever helps prevent the spread of the bacteria or viruses in the body since these pathogens will find it difficult to multiply at high temperatures. The fever is usually low-grade about 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flu-like symptoms
Once the individual develops mild flu-like symptoms, he/she can experience aches all over the body.

Nasal congestion

The individual can experience nasal congestion as one of the effects of mild flu-like symptoms. The nasal congestion which occurs more among children can cause a runny nose or sneezing episodes. The individual might feel the urge to blow his/her nose frequently in order to eliminate excess mucus from the nasal passageways due to the symptoms. Severe nasal congestion can also make it difficult for the individual to breathe via the nose normally.


In case an individual has an infection, the immune system utilizes energy in order to fight off the invader. Once this occurs, the normal energy stores are depleted, resulting to the mild flu-like symptoms of fatigue. Always remember that the mild flu-like symptoms of fatigue can cause the individual to take frequent naps all throughout the day or can make it difficult to carry out daily tasks whether at home or at work.

Body aches

Once the individual develops mild flu-like symptoms, he/she can experience aches all over the body. The muscles will start to feel sore or the body can stiffen when moving or walking normally. It is important to note that these mild flu-like symptoms can also occur along with fatigue, fever or a headache.

Congestion of the chest

Chest congestion can develop in some individuals due to the mild flu-like symptoms. The symptoms of chest congestion can include sore throat or dry cough. Even a mild sore throat can disrupt the ability of the individual to drink or eat normally due to the pain while swallowing. This symptom can be considered as a contributing factor to the diminished appetite in some individuals.

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