What are the skin symptoms caused by mites?

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It is important to note that the human itch mite can infect individuals of all ages, races, and social classes all over the globe. It is estimated that millions of individuals end up infested with the human itch mite every year.

The infestation called as scabies typically occurs in crowded environments such as in day care centers, nursing homes and jails. The transmission of scabies tends to occur through extended skin-to-skin contact. Adults can end up with scabies via sexual contact with an infested partner. The type of mite that infects humans feed only on human skin. Take note that cats, dogs and other animals do not transmit scabies to humans.


Once they bite, they can cause an inflammatory reaction of the skin which often leads to itchiness and burning of the skin. In most cases, the itchiness tends to intensify at night time.

The mites are miniscule, wingless parasites that bite the skin and gain nourishment from human blood. Once they bite, they can cause an inflammatory reaction of the skin which often leads to itchiness and burning of the skin. In most cases, the itchiness tends to intensify at night time.

Take note that the female mite is attracted to the warmth especially on the skin folds and crevices. The usual sites of infestation include the creases between the toes and fingers, underarms, area between the thighs, groin area, area in between the buttocks, around the nipples and within the fat folds. The mite can also hide in the waistline, under bracelets and watches as well as under the fingernails.


The rashes are also prevalent in mite infestations as the body develops an allergic reaction to the secretions produced by the mites. The mite-laden skin turns reddish in color and inflamed with small-sized, pimple-like lumps. The rash strikingly resembles hives. You can learn ways to manage these symptoms if you will register for first aid training today.


Once an individual is diagnosed with a mite infection, the doctor will check for trails right below the surface of the skin within the epidermis. Take note that these trails indicate where the female mite has tunneled in order to lay her eggs. The burrows can appear as elevated, bumpy, gray-colored or skin-colored lines


When it comes to a severe form of scabies such as Norwegian or crusted scabies, it typically occurs among individuals who have a weakened immune system, those who are sick and the elderly.

This form of scabies is an indication that there are several mites present. In some individuals, this infestation can have more than 2 million mites that are feasting on the skin at a time. As a response to the overwhelming number of bites from the mites, the skin will thicken and crust.

Due to the large number of mites involved in a Norwegian scabies infestation, it increases the risk. The transmission not only occurs via direct skin-to-skin contact but can also occur via contact with clothing and bedding of an infested individual.

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