What is gluteal tendinopathy?

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Gluteal tendinopathy is a common form of hip tendonitis and one of the causes of greater trochanteric pain syndrome.

The gluteal tendons are sturdy fibers that link the gluteal muscle to the hip bone. The injury might arise abruptly, but also the result of several miniature tears to the tendon that occurred over time.

Gluteal tendinopathy generally results to lateral hip pain, loss of strength and muscle stiffness in the hip muscles.

Generally, tendon injuries arise in 3 regions:

  • Tendon insertion
  • Musculotendinous junction (site where the tendon links with the muscle)
  • Mid-tendon

The non-insertional tendinopathies are likely due to cumulative microtrauma from repeated overstraining such as excessive training.

What are the causes?

The development of gluteal tendinopathy is brought about by poor control over the hip and gluteal muscle that results to overly straining the tendons in the gluteal region. This results to pain and instability in the hip-pelvis region.

If the instability continues, it can cause the individual to walk or run with poor control which subjects the hip bursa to friction which leads to trochanteric bursitis.


Gluteal tendinopathy generally results to lateral hip pain, loss of strength and muscle stiffness in the hip muscles.

The usual indications include:

  • Pain or discomfort that worsens when using the tendon such as hopping or running
  • Hip pain and rigidity during night time or upon waking up in the morning
  • Lateral hip might be reddened, tender, warm or even swollen
  • Pain is often aggravated when lying on the affected hip

Management of gluteal tendinopathy

Gluteal tendinopathy can be managed at home using the RICE method.

  • Allow the sore area to rest and avoid engaging in activities that can worsen the pain.
  • Apply an ice pack for 20 minutes at a time during the initial 72 hours.
  • Encourage the individual to perform range of motion exercises for the hip and stretching to prevent stiffness
  • Hip surgery might be needed in severe cases

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