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Why stomach pain occurs after consuming pasta?

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Pasta might include certain ingredients that causes certain health issues including stomach pain. If an individual has been diagnosed with a food allergy, he/she might experience a reaction after consuming pasta.


The discomfort that occurs after eating pasta might be due to celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Most pasta include gluten which is a protein present in wheat. Those who have gluten intolerance can end up with various reactions in the GI tract after consuming pasta.

Stomach pain from food allergy

If an individual has a food allergy, consuming pasta can instigate an allergic reaction. The common ingredients in pasta include eggs, wheat, soy and dairy. If diagnosed with a specific food allergy, it is important to carefully read the ingredients in the packaging.

In case a reaction is associated to a food allergy, other symptoms will develop aside from stomach pain such as hives, nasal congestion or asthma.

Intolerance to gluten

Pasta includes gluten unless it is clearly labelled as gluten-free. Consuming small amounts of pasta can trigger intense stomach pain and other digestive symptoms among those who have celiac disease.

Stomach pain
In case a reaction is associated to a food allergy, other symptoms will develop aside from stomach pain such as hives, nasal congestion or asthma.

This condition develops once the immune system attacks the lining of the small intestines if products that include gluten are ingested. Avoidance of gluten is vital in maintaining long-term digestive health if intolerant to gluten.

Pasta sauce

Pasta is typically served in various sauces. The two components in pasta sauces that can trigger abdominal pain include dairy and tomatoes.

The red sauces are made from tomatoes that can trigger a reaction in some individuals. Those that contain cream or milk can trigger stomach pain as well among those who are allergic or lactose intolerant.

Important considerations

If an individual suffers from stomach pain only upon consumption of pasta, it is likely linked to the previous conditions. Once stomach pain occurs every time pasta is eaten, it might be an indication of a serious condition such as Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

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