Can chocolate and peanuts aggravate a headache?

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There are certain foods including chocolate and peanuts that can aggravate a headache. Then again, chocolate and peanuts can also help relieve certain types of headaches. Remember that it can be difficult to determine the exact cause of a headache. The prevalent types include tension, cluster and migraine headaches. Take note that other factors that can cause headaches include neurological or hormonal changes as well as low blood sugar level. The individual can try to experiment with his/her diet in order to determine what helps and what worsens his/her headache. By enrolling in a first aid course, you are prepared to ease this condition.

What are the dietary triggers?

Chocolate, cheese, cured meats, alcohol, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and peanuts are some of the usual dietary triggers for headaches. The consumption of these foods and beverages will prompt or worsen an existing headache. On the other hand, withdrawal from caffeine can also trigger a headache such as in cases when the individual misses out on his/her daily tea or coffee. The lack of food can reduce the blood sugar level, thus triggering a headache to occur.

Tension headaches are instigated by tight muscles in the scalp, shoulders, jaw and neck.

Why chocolate and peanuts?

It is important to note that chocolate can help relieve a headache that is instigated by caffeine withdrawal. Peanuts can also help relieve a headache that is triggered by hunger. Take note that both chocolate and peanuts can instigate a migraine. Consumption of chocolate or peanuts can also make a migraine worse. Nevertheless, some individuals who suffer from migraine find relief after eating these foods. The individual must list down how chocolate and peanuts affect his/her headache in order to determine if they should be avoided in the future.

Cluster and migraine headaches

When it comes to cluster headaches, they occur only for short periods at several times in a day. This type of headache is uncommon and can be linked to an abrupt release of histamine or serotonin in the body. The potential dietary triggers for cluster headaches include foods rich in nitrates such as cured meats. As for migraine headaches, they are often accompanied by visual disturbances and nausea. Remember that foods are likely to initiate or aggravate a migraine than the other types of headaches.

Other types of headaches

Tension headaches are instigated by tight muscles in the scalp, shoulders, jaw and neck. Severe tightness of the muscles can be caused by stress, teeth grinding, sleeping in an awkward position or staying in a single position for long periods.

Tension headaches can be relieved by loosening the muscle through massage, taking a hot shower or rest. The dietary triggers were believed to cause or aggravate the tension headaches. Take note that the headaches can also occur due to lack of food, sinus problems as well as lack of caffeine and even hormonal or neurological changes.

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