What are the foods to be avoided if I have mold allergy?

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If an individual is diagnosed with mold allergy, eliminating all sources of mold from the house and surroundings is not enough to prevent an attack from occurring in the future. Some of the foods eaten might include mold, thus triggering an allergic reaction. It is important to carefully check all food for the presence of mold before it will be eaten. In addition, the individual must avoid foods that are fermented and naturally contain fungi and mold in order to prevent an allergic reaction from occurring.


Always bear in mind that dairy products that were fermented typically contain mold. The individual must avoid all cheeses especially blue cheese and other types that contain visible mold. All fermented dairy products must be avoided such as buttermilk, sour cream and sour milk. Even foods such as scones, pancakes and other baked goods might contain buttermilk.

Mold allergy
Some of the foods eaten might include mold, thus triggering an allergic reaction.


Mushrooms are basically fungus that might contain mold even if they were recently bought and fresh. An individual who is diagnosed with mold allergy must avoid eating mushrooms whether raw or cooked. Take note that mushrooms can be included in soups, salads, quiches and casseroles in restaurants without your knowledge. The individual should ask for the ingredients before certain foods are ordered to ensure that they do not contain any mushrooms. In some circumstances, mushrooms that are contaminated can cause food poisoning.


Pickled, cured and smoked meats as well as fish that were designed to have an extended shelf life might contain elevated amounts of mold. It is best to avoid any fish or meat that is way past 24 hours old. Foods that are included are pre-packed meats such as salami, lunch meats, sardines and smoked fish. When preparing meat or fish, it is recommended to buy only from a grocery store or butcher. Do not opt for the frozen goods. Make sure that you will cook the fish and meat right away after buying them.

Other fermented products

There are also other fermented products that are capable of triggering an allergic reaction among those who have mold allergy. The fermented foods include sauerkraut, salad dressings, dried fruits such as dates and raisins, foods that contain vinegar such as capers or pickles, soy sauce, wine, beer and breads that contain high amounts of yeast. The individual should opt for salads with dressings on the side and when eating outside, ask if any soy sauce or vinegar was utilized in preparing the meal that was ordered.

It is best to enroll in a course on first aid today so that you can readily manage an allergic reaction upon exposure to mold. Once the individual experiences the symptoms after being exposed or ate food that contains mold, you can carry out the appropriate measures to help ease the symptoms.

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